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Vini's CBD Experience

Hey y'all!

I tried CBD for the first time, when we were given samples as interns at Calm Up. Not gonna lie, I was kinda scared at first. After talking to couple of my friends who have tried CBD gummies and had great experiences, I decided to give it a try.

I decided to take one every morning and add it into my morning routine. I would take one then proceed with my daily yoga routine and after a couple of hours I felt relaxed and ready for the day. I tried the coffee and peach flavored gummies first,  which are both amazing! I was drawn to those two flavors because I knew that they would taste the exact opposite from each other. Peach has that sweet flavor to it while the coffee has that bitter cold brew taste to it. The coffee flavor has real cold brew in it which I think is so fun. Personally I love both of them but if I had to choose I would go with the coffee as my go to gummy flavor.

CBD gummies are amazing. They help you get ready in the morning or help you feel relaxed at the end of a long day. I believe everyone should at least try them once and see what a difference it makes.


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