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Vince's CBD Experience

Hi all!
My first experience with CBD was surprisingly a bit disappointing. But, I would later find out that it was only because of my lack of knowledge on the dosage. I ordered 1 jar of CBD gummies online from "Just CBD". I was very excited to try them! Each gummy was 5mg, so I would take 4-5 for a total of 20-25mg. Each time I waited in anticipation, but sadly I would not feel any different.
Fast forward about 1 year later. I get invited to a workout that was sponsored by "Half Day CBD". After the workout the owner of the CBD company sat us down and talked to us about their products and the importance of finding the right dosage for you. That day I tried 4 CBD gummies that were 25mg each. I figured, let’s see if I can feel the effects at this higher dosage. In about 45 minutes I felt this feeling of calmness come over me. I felt the worries and stress in my mind take a back seat. My mind and body felt relaxed. I found myself really taking in the beauty of the day. It was a warm 70 degree day in Chicago, so that may have helped as well! This experience taught me that every persons body is unique and you must experiment with dosages to see how many milligrams are best for you. For me 75-100mg is ideal.

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