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Find your routine

Routines Part 1 Finding a routine that works for you is so important to your life, specifically a morning and night routine. Routines help you practice a healthy lifestyle.  Having a morning routine sets the rest of your day up. If you start your morning on a good note, the rest of your day will follow. A morning routine could look something like this: Setting an alarm so you wake up at the same time every morning Do not look at your phone right away Open your blinds and let the natural light & sun in Go into the kitchen and make your choice of drink whether it is coffee, tea, lemon water, etc Incorporate water too! Remember you need to...

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How To Elevate Your Calm Tip #8:

Tip #8: Hydrate! ... (it even rhymes!) Going along with fueling your body, hydrating is also very critical.  Did you know that some nutritionists suggest drinking half your body weight in ounces? That is a lot of water. Also, the old “golden rule” used to be 8 cups of water everyday. It doesn't matter which water intake “rule” you follow, the point is to hydrate.  Get a fun water bottle, possibly with a straw, and fill it up and keep it next to you all day. A straw will make it easier to drink. A new trend we have seen is that water bottles are being sold with motivational words and time stamps. For example, 8am: ready set drink, 10am: you...

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