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Find your routine Part 2

Routines  Part 2 Finding a routine that works for you is so important to your life, specifically a morning and night routine.  Just as morning routine is to start your day on a good note, your night routine is there to help you wind down and end your day on a positive note. Some days seem to be more crazy and hectic than others but you can always count on your routine to help you relieve stress before your head hits the pillow at night.  Some recommendations to add to your daily night routine: Have a cup of tea (ginger and peppermint are great for digestion after dinner! Also there are a lot of “Nighttime” “Wind down” “Calming” teas. Personally,...

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How To Elevate Your Calm Tip #4:

Tip #4: Reading I know, I know, it sounds boring. Reading gets a bad rep. A lot of people seem to associate reading with when they were forced to read a book for school as homework. But give it another try, let yourself get carried away in the story and escape reality for a little while.  Just like music, you get to choose any category, any author, any length book you want. Need a cozy, romantic novel to end your day? Want a thriller for a midday pick me up? Or are self-help How To books more your style? When you choose to read recreationally, it gives it a whole new perspective. Pick something you like and are interested in...

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