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Gabe's CBD Experience

Hi all! I wanted to share how I use CBD in my daily life.  At first, I struggled a bit to recreate that immediate relief feeling when a friend recommended it to me. I relied solely on CBD to be the answer to my stress, inflammation, and body aches. But I soon realized that I have to treat CBD as a supplement while also practicing my daily routines. I have used it daily now for 3 years and in that time I learned how and when to use CBD. Here is how I use our Calm Up CBD gummies: Morning Routine: I take 50mg of CBD (2 gummies) as part of my morning supplements before walking my dog. It clears my mind to allow me...

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Vini's CBD Experience

Hey y'all! I tried CBD for the first time, when we were given samples as interns at Calm Up. Not gonna lie, I was kinda scared at first. After talking to couple of my friends who have tried CBD gummies and had great experiences, I decided to give it a try. I decided to take one every morning and add it into my morning routine. I would take one then proceed with my daily yoga routine and after a couple of hours I felt relaxed and ready for the day. I tried the coffee and peach flavored gummies first,  which are both amazing! I was drawn to those two flavors because I knew that they would taste the exact opposite from each other. Peach has that...

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How To Elevate Your Calm Tip #8:

Tip #8: Hydrate! ... (it even rhymes!) Going along with fueling your body, hydrating is also very critical.  Did you know that some nutritionists suggest drinking half your body weight in ounces? That is a lot of water. Also, the old “golden rule” used to be 8 cups of water everyday. It doesn't matter which water intake “rule” you follow, the point is to hydrate.  Get a fun water bottle, possibly with a straw, and fill it up and keep it next to you all day. A straw will make it easier to drink. A new trend we have seen is that water bottles are being sold with motivational words and time stamps. For example, 8am: ready set drink, 10am: you...

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How To Elevate Your Calm Tip #7:

Tip #7: Eat! Fueling your body with nutritious foods is so important. It may sound simple but it can really come down to all about what you put into your body. Something as routine as eating can help you find your calm throughout the day. The food you chose to eat can affect your mood.  A great way to start your day is with a hearty breakfast. Although we know everyone wakes up in different moods. Whether you wake up starving or not, we at Calm Up CBD still suggest you need to “break your fast” with something. Maybe you can choose something simple like fruit and a cup of lemon water to kick start your metabolism. Then as the...

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