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Who is behind Calm Up CBD? Meet the Co-founders!

Meet Gabe Chavez!  

"I was dealing with stress and wasn’t sure how to handle it. Prescription drugs and other alternatives did not have a long lasting effect, so I was looking for something else."

"A good friend of mine recommended trying CBD. It helped decrease his stress levels almost immediately. I was a bit awed at how fast it helped so soon after I started to use CBD.  I wanted to learn as much about CBD as I could."

"Walking and hiking with my dog Malaki helps decrease my stress as well. I have had amazing results combining the two, CBD with health & wellness practices."

Meet Vince Casas!

"I believe in CBD as a natural remedy."

"Through research and experimentation, I have discovered that CBD helps with my relaxation, dealing with stress and anxiety, improves sleep, and relieves muscle and joint pains."

"I have tried various CBD brands, and many have sadly been overpriced and overall ineffective. This fact motivated us to bring effective and affordable CBD products to market to share with others."

Gabe's & Vince's Background:

About nine years ago Gabe and Vince met. They instantly hit it off and became great friends because of their entrepreneurial mindsets. They both had the same get-it-done attitude and had a passion of helping others through CBD. 

In December of 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law. It removed hemp from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Legalizing the cultivation of hemp and the sale of products derived from hemp, CBD being one of those. 

After vetting various companies, Gabe & Vince met their manufacturer and distributor partner, Snowbirds Distribution. They were impressed by their quality and professionalism throughout the Hemp to Market process. 

They then needed to decide on their first product! Taking into consideration that they aimed to have an introductory friendly product for new CBD users, they chose gummies. Gummies are an easy way to acclimate to the CBD world and find how much dosage you need. The six flavors that they decided on were a mix of unique yet popular flavors.

Calm Up CBD is planning to introduce CBD Oils and topicals in 2021!

At Calm Up we value teamwork, mental and physical wellbeing, honesty, transparency and hard work. 


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