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Introducing, three out of our six flavors of CBD gummies!

Piña Colada 

🎵“If you like piña coladas”🎵 are going to love this one! Kick back and have a piña colada flavored CBD gummy. Let it transport you to a tropical island and enjoy the flavor combination of pineapple and coconut. 


Imagine you are biting into a big, ripe, juicy orange. That is what it is like for our orange flavored CBD gummy. You will have a burst of flavor in your mouth. Allow the sweet citrus flavor to take over and make you feel more zen.


Need an extra boost without getting the caffeine shakes? The coffee flavored CBD gummy is for YOU! Our CBD coffee gummy includes real cold brew to give you the energy a real coffee drink would while simultaneously leaving feeling calm, cool and collected to take on the day.


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