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How To Elevate Your Calm Tip #7:

Tip #7: Eat!

Fueling your body with nutritious foods is so important. It may sound simple but it can really come down to all about what you put into your body. Something as routine as eating can help you find your calm throughout the day. The food you chose to eat can affect your mood. 

A great way to start your day is with a hearty breakfast. Although we know everyone wakes up in different moods. Whether you wake up starving or not, we at Calm Up CBD still suggest you need to “break your fast” with something. Maybe you can choose something simple like fruit and a cup of lemon water to kick start your metabolism. Then as the morning goes on you can have the hearty breakfast mentioned earlier. Some examples are the traditional eggs, bacon and toast. If you are more into something sweet how about oatmeal with fun toppings like granola, chocolate chips and honey. Into the savory breakfasts? Try avocado toast with whatever toppings you would like. You get the gist.

Food is fuel and helps you tackle the day. It is good to incorporate fats, proteins and carbs into your meals everyday. Foods that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help nourish the brain and protect it from oxidative stress. 

For example, an expensive car needs premium fuel. If it receives low quality fuel, it will not function properly. This is just like your body and brain. If you are eating all low quality foods like fast food, processed sugars, low fiber, etc. it is going to harm your body and you will not function properly. We can not suggest a certain diet because everyone is different. But you know what high quality foods are and you know what low quality foods are. It is good to balance it all out. 

Eating can help reduce stress because it will boost your brain power and help you regain focus. What are your favorite nourishing foods?


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