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How To Elevate Your Calm Tip #2:

Tip #2: Move your body

There are so many different ways you can move your body everyday to create a healthy lifestyle. A few of our favorite ways at Calm Up are going on a walk, doing yoga, running, riding a bike, hiking and so on. Moving your body everyday can have tremendous effects on your mental and physical health. You don’t have to do an intense 45 minute workout everyday, going on a 20 minute walk around your neighborhood will have the same effect. 

You have to decide what movement is your favorite. Is it doing a Pilates home workout? Is it hiking with your dog? Everyday when you move your body and especially if you get outside and breathe in fresh air it will have a ripple effect on the rest of your day.

Working from home can leave you tirelessly sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen. We at Calm Up can not stress enough that even going for a 10 minute walk out in the fresh air will change your mood. Regularly physical activity, whatever it may be, will keep you healthy and reduce your stress levels. When you move your body it releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. It is the same thing as when runners get a “runner’s high”. It is that post workout feeling. In whatever way you choose to move your body, your body will release them and leave you feeling peaceful. 

What is your favorite way to move your body?! Let us know in the comments!


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