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How is CBD Extracted From Hemp?

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant in several ways, using a set of guided steps. The method of extraction of CBD from hemp is not essential unless we look at the final products and their impacts on our wellness. Calm Up use a significant process to extract CBD from the hemp plant, which includes these steps:


For CBD to be extracted there has to be a source plant such as hemp. The hemp plant is cultivated, which is the primary source of CBD compound. In the US, organically grown hemp is available, which is free from pesticides. The best suitable land is chosen to grow the organic hemp which gives the best quality CBD.


A critical extraction process of CO2 produces the CBD oil. This process separates the oil from the hemp plant using severe pressure and alteration of temperature. The pressure and the temperature push out the pure form of oils that require no further filtration.  The facility is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and is often inspected for quality control.

Quality Control

After the extraction process, CBD products require third-party testing to be accepted in the market. The consumers are advised to check the product to verify the third-party testing for safe use. There are specific guidelines provided by the federal government for the standard third-party testing. Testing laboratories ensure the safety of the CBD compounds for its users. We test through Premium CBD Laboratories, the industry gold standard for third-party testing services.

CBD Production

This step focuses on the three most important aspects; the need and the requirement of the customers, products that are most enjoyed by the users, and the ideal delivery system of CBD products. Keeping all three points in mind, Calm Up introduced our gummy bears into the market. 

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