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Gabe's CBD Experience

Hi all!

I wanted to share how I use CBD in my daily life.  At first, I struggled a bit to recreate that immediate relief feeling when a friend recommended it to me. I relied solely on CBD to be the answer to my stress, inflammation, and body aches. But I soon realized that I have to treat CBD as a supplement while also practicing my daily routines. I have used it daily now for 3 years and in that time I learned how and when to use CBD. Here is how I use our Calm Up CBD gummies:

  • Morning Routine: I take 50mg of CBD (2 gummies) as part of my morning supplements before walking my dog. It clears my mind to allow me to start my workday.
  • Afternoon Routine: I like to get my body moving in the afternoon. I will take 25mg of CBD (1 gummy) before my workout so I can feel the relief effects when I am done. It helps tremendously with inflammation and recovery.   
  • Evening Routine: I like to use it in my evening routine too.  I take 25mg of CBD (1 gummy) along with a cup of tea so I can wind down and set myself for some restful sleep.  
As mentioned, it took me some time to get to know how to use CBD in my day to day.  I encourage all to discover their own CBD journey!

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