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Aleks's CBD Experience

Hello all!

My name is Aleks and this is my experience with Calm Up CBD gummies!

I am a 21 year old - soon to be 22, student getting ready to finally graduate from Cleveland State University in a few months. I am a very busy individual with school work, working jobs, social life, and physical activity. Trying to fit all of these things in my day can be very stressful at times and can cause anxiety at times. I have always been like this, and it feels like I will never get used to it and still expect it to go away.

I have always heard of CBD, especially on social media. More recently, more and more stores such as gas stations or convenience stores have been starting to sell them, and even gyms. I never knew what it was all about until one day I did some research on it and found out just how beneficial it can be! 

Thanks to Calm Up CBD, I had the opportunity to finally get my hands on some gummies, and even got to try every flavor. Ever since, I have been routinely taking a gummy a few hours before I am done with my day and get to relax for the rest of the night. I feel like my mind clears up more and can get my mind off of whatever I may be worrying about in the future. It helps me enjoy my time to settle for the rest of my night and get a great night sleep and not to mention, easing my inflammation issues I have been recently having!


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